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Myers, David, Alison Dalgity, Ioannis Avramides and Dennis Wuthrich. "Arches: An Open Source GIS for the Inventory and Management of Immovable Cultural Heritage." In Progress in Cultural Heritage Preservation: 4th International Conference. EuroMed Conference 2012, Lemessos, Cyprus, October 29- November 3, 2012, Proceedings: 817-24. (2012)
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Catherine Wagley, "Today's Monuments Men Are on the Internet,", February 7, 2014
Jennifer Zaino, "The Arches Project Puts a Semantic and Geo-Spatial Spin on Cultural Heritage,", April 4, 2013
Adena Schutzberg, "The Arches Project: Turning Open Source GIS into a Heritage Inventory and Management System," Directions Magazine, February 25, 2013

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