Museums Emergency Program Bibliography
The GCI has developed an online searchable bibliography on integrated emergency management.

The project bibliography grew from efforts by ICOM to identify published literature on various aspects of emergency preparedness and response to support the work of its Museums Emergency Program (MEP). Recognizing that the participants and instructors involved in MEP’s training initiative—Teamwork for Integrated Emergency Management—would benefit from access to didactic resources, as well as access to bibliographic information, the GCI expanded the scope of the bibliography to include abstracts and annotations as well as links to full-text articles whenever possible. The abstracts are drawn from either AATA Online or the Bibliographic Conservation Information Network.

This bibliography focuses largely on literature generated for, and referenced by, the conservation and cultural heritage fields. Topics range from specific kinds of emergencies to the various types of heritage resources they can affect, such as museums, libraries, archives, places of worship, historic buildings, and other culturally significant sites. The bibliography also reflects the various processes associated with integrated emergency management: risk analysis, development of preparedness plans and strategies, risk mitigation, and response and recovery.

Page updated: August 2007