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M. Lukomski, M. Strojecki, B. Pretzel, N. Blades, V. L. Beltran and A. Freeman. 2017. "Acoustic emission monitoring of micro-damage in wooden art objects to assess climate management strategies." In: Insight, Vol 59, No 5, May 2017, pp. 256–264.

Michal Lukomski, James Druzik, Vincent Beltran, Ashley Freeman, Foekje Boersma and Joel Taylor. 2017. "The role of micromechanics in the epidemiology of climate-induced damage." Paper presented at the Mechanics of Art Materials and its Future in Heritage Science: A Seminar and Symposium. 24–25 October 2016, Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute.

Lukomski, Michal, Janusz Czop, Marcin Strojecki, and Lukasz Bratasz. 2013. "Acoustic emission monitoring: On the path to rational strategies for collection care." Paper presented at Climate for Collections: Standards and Uncertainties, Munich, Germany, 7–9 November 2012.

Strojecki, Marcin, Michal Lukomski, Leszek Krzemien, Joanna Sobczyk, and Lukasz Bratasz. 2014. "Acoustic emission monitoring of an eighteenth-century wardrobe to support a strategy for indoor climate management."" Studies in Conservation 59 (4):225–232.

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Salvant, J., E. Barthel, and M. Menu. 2011. "Nanoindentation and the micromechanics of Van Gogh oil paints." In Applied Physics A. Materials Science & Processing 104 (2):509-515.

Wright, M., M. Hudson, M. Kokkori, K. Muir, F. Casadio, K. Faber, and K. R. Shull. 2014. "Quantifying the mechnical properties of artists' paints with nanoindentation." In Proceedings of the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society, pp. 285–287. Red Hook, N.Y.: Curran Associates, Inc.

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