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GCI Newsletter Articles

Collections Environments (Fall 2014)
National Science Foundation Award (Spring 2013)
Historical Perspectives on Preventative Conservation (Spring 2013)
Sustainability and Collections (Spring 2011)
Environmental Management (Spring 2007)
Implementing Preventive Conservation (Spring 2004)
Managing the Environment: An Update on Preventive Conservation (Summer 2000)

GCI Publications

Historical Perspectives on Preventive Conservation
Environmental Management for Collections: Alternative Conservation Strategies for Hot and Humid Climates
The Conservation Assessment: A Proposed Model for Evaluating Museum Environmental Management Needs
Controlled Ventilation and Heating to Preserve Collections in Historic Buildings in Hot and Humid Regions

Other Resources

Experts' Roundtable on Sustainable Climate Management Strategies (2007)
British Standards Institution, PAS 198:2012. Specification for Managing Environmental Conditions for Cultural Collections
AIC Environmental Guidelines
Bizot Green Protocol, 2015
Environmental Guidelines: IIC and ICOM-CC Declaration (2014)

Previous GCI activities related to management of museum environments

Scientific Research

Selective Preventive Conservation Research (1985–1998)
Pollutants in the Museum Environment (1985–1998)
Nitrogen Anoxia Research (1987–1999)
Collections in Hot & Humid Environments (1997–2002)
Environmental Guidelines for Collections (1999–2002)
Performance of Pollutant Adsorbents (2001–2003)
Alternative Climate Controls for Historic Buildings (2003–2010)

Education and Training

Preventive Conservation (1990–1995)
Collections in Hot & Humid Environments (1997–2002)
Historic Buildings, Collections & Sites (2002–2003)
Teamwork for Integrated Emergency Management (2004–2008)

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