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b. about 1489 Correggio, Italy, d. 1534
Painter; Draftsman

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Born Antonio Allegri, Correggio was named after the town of his birth. His ability to manipulate light and shade to create luminous atmospheric effects resulted in some of the most sumptuous religious paintings of the Italian Renaissance. Giorgio Vasari, a sixteenth-century biographer of artists, wrote, "everything that is to be seen by his hand is admired as something divine." Correggio was profoundly influenced by the style and technique used by the painter Andrea Mantegna.

By the age of twenty-nine, Correggio was probably working in Parma, the center of his greatest activity. The frescoes he painted in the dome of the cathedral there served as a model of dome decorations long after his death. Correggio inspired future generations of artists as diverse as the Carracci family, Rubens, and Boucher.

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Man Riding Bull / Correggio
Man Riding Bull

Italian, 1517 - 1519

Christ in Glory / Correggio
Christ in Glory

Italian, 1520

St. Matthew / Correggio
St. Matthew

Italian, about 1523

Head of Christ / Correggio
Head of Christ

Italian, about 1530