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October 8, 2010–February 26, 2017 at the Getty Villa

Molten Color: Glassmaking in Antiquity

Molten Color: Glassmaking in Antiquity
By Karol B. Wight

A beautifully illustrated exploration of the techniques used to make glass in the ancient Mediterranean world.
(Hardcover, $20.00)

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Looking at Glass

Looking at Glass
By Catherine Hess and Karol B. Wight

A glossary of terminology, including terms related to the production, shape, and decoration of glass.
(Paperback, $18.95)

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Reflecting Antiquity

Reflecting Antiquity: Modern Glass Inspired by Ancient Rome
By David Whitehouse
With contributions by William Gudenrath, Dunja Zobel-Klein and Michael J. Klein, Mark Taylor and David Hill, and Karol Wight

Accompanying Reflecting Antiquity: Modern Glass Inspired by Ancient Rome, the first comprehensive exhibition on the relationship between ancient and modern glass, this catalogue features seven essays on glassmaking as well as illustrated entries on objects in the exhibition.
(Paperback, $29.95)

Available from the Corning Museum of Glass.

The Arts of Fire

The Arts of Fire: Islamic Influences on Glass and Ceramics of the Italian Renaissance
Edited by Catherine Hess

Traces many of the techniques of production and ornamentation in glass and ceramic art to their development in the Islamic East between the eighth and twelfth centuries.
(Paperback, $40.00)

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Poem by Mark Doty
Glass from the J. Paul Getty Museum

Murano—a recent work by the distinguished American poet Mark Doty—is a contemplative meditation on human mortality and the mystery of artistic creation. This moving poem is illustrated with details of 16 pieces of dazzling Murano glass.
(Cloth, $15.95)

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