Translations of the Italian inscription and key to the lettered objects in Title Page for a Catalogue of Antiquities
Translations and key to Title Page for a Catalogue of Antiquities

The Italian inscription at bottom left provides a key to the lettered objects:
A Part of the frieze and architrave of the temple of Antoninus and Faustina in the Campo Vaccino.
B Ceremonial purification vase discovered in the excavations at Hadrian's Villa in 1771 by Domenico de Angelis from Tivoli: which can be seen at Henry Blundell's in England.
C Ancient metal candelabrum owned by Francesco Gaetani, Duke of Sermoneta.
D Ancient tile and E frieze, which can be seen in Piranesi's museum.
F A lamp made of terracotta and G another of metal, which are kept at the Kircher Museum.
H Ancient lamp, which can be seen at Gavin Hamilton's, ambassador of England in Naples.
I Colossal statue of the river god Rhenus, which at one time was in the ancient Forum of Mars in the Campo Vaccino, and today is situated in the courtyard of the Capitoline Museum.
K Ancient vase owned by Richard Hayward in England.