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August 26, 2008–January 11, 2009 at the Getty Center

Gustave Le Gray, 1820-1884

Gustave Le Gray, 1820–1884
Sylvie Aubenas
Edited by Gordon Baldwin

Le Gray was often called the Monet of photography, and this complete retrospective offers an assessment of his important place in the history of photography as no previous volume has done.
(Hardcover, $100.00; paperback, $50.00)

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In Focus: Alfred Stieglitz

In Focus: Alfred Stieglitz
Weston Naef

An early champion of photography as an art form, Stieglitz defined the modern movement of photography; over fifty of his photographs are reproduced here.
(Paperback, $17.50)

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A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun: Photographs of Los Angeles by John Humble
With an essay by Gordon Baldwin

A celebration of the photographer's distinctive view of Los Angeles—from the concrete channels of the Los Angeles River to the instantly recognizable cityscape through which that river winds.
(Hardcover, $39.95)

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