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Text of the Gauthiot inventory possibly referring to the Getty cabinet

The following is one possible translation of the French original:

A cabinet of walnut, with a stepped-back section—the upper case larger than the lower—that is counterbalanced by two satyrs replete with a teeming mass of leaves for their ornament, followed by four terms; two on the lower case and two above, having an architectural panel where there is a figure in the middle, varnished, heightened with gold, having two paintings in bronze and one in the middle, with iron hardware; valued at 100 francs.

Gauthiot inventory
After-death inventory of Fernand Gauthiot, lord of d'Ancier, Besançon: Detail of the first nine lines of text from the page describing what may be the Getty cabinet

The original French reads:

Ung cabinet de bois de nouhier, ayant retraicte le corps dessus plus que celluy d'embas, estant racheté pour rendre parade à ladicte besoingne par deux satyres estant remplis de bouillon de feuille pour leur ornement, et de quattre termes suyvant, sçavoir deux au corps d'embas et deux en hault, ayant ung panneaul d'architecture où il y a une figure au millieu, verny, haulsé d'or, ayant deux peintures de bronze et une au millieu, ferré; dehuement taxé cent frans.

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